Diseño Especial

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    Cup Wine Mont de 45cl imported in packs of 6 units.

    3,70€ /unidad
  • 25,50€

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    Cup Aur wine 43cl, from improtación, in packs of 6 units.

    4,25€ /unidad
  • 32,10€

  • 49,20€

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    Cup Magnific of 45cl. Presented in boxes of 6 units.

    8,20€ /unidad
  • 88,80€

    Are presented in boxes of 6 units.Fineness of the edge to 0.9-1mm.Indicator drop-shaped for the service of wine by the glass. For a service even more precise,it includes an indicator that is discreet and elegant trademark with precision 12,5 cl ...

    3,70€ /unidad
  • 99,60€

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    Is presented in boxes of 6 units.Fineness of the edge 0,9-1mm: comfort on contact with the lips. Chimney piping to reduce the perception of alcohol (on the nose) and the acidity (in the mouth). Calyx narrow to better focus the aromas. Large ...

    4,15€ /unidad
  • 193,20€

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    Cup 50cl. A camera aromatic unpublished: wider than high and in a bubble form to a perception of a less strong butmost subtle of aromas.

    8,05€ /unidad
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